State of Vertigo (2018)

A thirty-year old man escapes an ungrateful workaholic life and finds what he thinks is his Eden in a climbing gym populated by quirky twenty-year old students.

Main cast: Raymond Pakes, Emily David, Thomas Burt, Katherine Nheu, Antony Rodriguez

Producer: Alexander Bengtsson
Cinematographer: Rupan Poudel
Production Designer: Mahault Loriot de Rouvray
Composer: Daryll Soriano

The Great Maple (2018)

When lost in translation meets saving face.

Main cast: Emil Alldén, Nathan Niguidula

Cinematographer: Jennifer Karlsson
Editor: Jihyun Joung
Production Designer: Julian Vincent
Composer: Daryll Soriano

The Other Side (2019)

The struggles of an individual against the rules of a disturbing yet somehow very familiar world.

Main cast: Tara Clark, Megan Barlow, Kendall Drury

Cinematographer: Rasmus Callmer
Editor: Jihyun Joung
Production Designers: Ellen Doolan, Jennifer Karlsson
Composer: Daryll Soriano

Whencome Home (2020)

Two hosts. One guest. A meeting and its many mysteries.

Main cast: Aysha Galloway, Michael Giglio, Demi Towns

Cinematographer: Rupan Poudel
Editor: Reuben Tirkey
Composer: Daryll Soriano

Inspiration (2020)

The unexpected consequences of inspiration.

Main cast: Sophie Renae, Kendall Drury, Raymond Pakes

Cinematographer: Rupan Poudel
Editors: Reuben Tirkey and Hugo Duvergey
Production Designer: Sophie Renae