Director / Writer

  1. State of Vertigo (2018)

    Logline: a thirty-year old man escapes an ungrateful workaholic life and finds what he thinks is his Eden in a climbing gym populated by quirky twenty-year old students.

    Additional role: editor

  2. The Great Maple (2018)

    Logline: when lost in translation meets saving face.

    Additional role: producer

  3. The Other Side (2019)

    Logline: the struggles of an individual against the rules of a disturbing yet somehow very familiar world.

    Additional role: producer

    Awards and selections:
    • 30th Sydney Film School Festival (2019)
      • Best Performance (Tara Clark)
      • Best Screenplay
    • 16th International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival (Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 2020)
      • Official selection
    • 10th Pune Short Film Festival (India, 2020)
      • Official selection
    • 1st Sydney Science-Fiction Film Festival (Australia, 2020)
      • Official selection
    • Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest (Germany, 2021)
      • Special selection
    • Film Shortage (Online, March 2022)
      • Daily Short Pick

  4. Whencome Home (2020)

    Logline: two hosts. One guest. A meeting and its many mysteries.

    Additional roles: producer, production designer

  5. Inspiration (2020)

    Logline: the unexpected consequences of inspiration.

    Additional roles: producer, co-editor